1. We are the largest and oldest Nevada County based Registered Investment Advisor through the Securities & Exchange Commission (by asset size, based on research 11/14 at www.adviserinfo.sec.gov). No filed complaints, no lawsuits in 30 years. Serving moderate/conservative investors with an average age of 72 throughout California and 31 other states.

  2. If you have lost money in your investments, instead of having made money in your investments in the last 12 months!

  3. If you only discuss "investments" during your reviews with your advisor, and do not have the opportunity to get advice on the rest of your important financial issues such as estate planning, tax planning, childrens’ educational planning, long term care planning, business plan reviews, real estate reviews, second opinions of family financial ventures..

  4. If you are tired of paying commissions.

  5. If you think a diversified investment portfolio is just stocks, bonds, and mutual funds!