For more than thirty years Ostrofe Financial Consultants, Inc. has provided a diversity of professional services in the areas of investment, tax, retirement, pension, estate, educational funds and insurance planning.  Over 40% of our clients reside in the San Francisco Bay Area, 10% in Los Angeles/San Diego, 25% in 23 states, and the remaining in the greater Sacramento (including Grass Valley) area.  Each confidential relationship with a client, whether individual, small business, or corporation is unique, typically involving ongoing management.  At Ostrofe Financial Consultants, Inc., this process is based on six fundamental steps used in developing a client's written financial plan: (1) Gathering of financially related data through a comprehensive questionnaire; (2) Evaluating and summarizing the current financial position; (3) Identifying problems and opportunities available in any financially related area; (4) Making recommendations which are realistic and timely; (5) Placing those securities or insurance at the most reasonable cost; and most importantly, (6) Monitoring investments within the framework of a client's portfolio, on a daily basis, with a written Confidential Financial Analysis provided on a periodic basis (annual reviews required), by appointment.

In order for a client to determine how these services can benefit his or her circumstances, we offer a one-hour initial consultation at no charge.  Any resulting assignment will be considered an engagement of services of Ostrofe Financial Consultants, Inc.  For OFC rendering the above described services, the client will receive a free introductory session and from that point agrees to compensate OFC:

Fees are based by a household of accounts as a percentage of assets under management, billed at the end of each quarter (N.B. Annuities, REITs and Insurance are excepted), as follows:

      Portfolio Value                                   Annual Fee

          $0 - $999,999                                                                       1.25%

          $1,000,000 - +                                                                             1.00%

Each client will further sign a "Investment Advisory Agreement" from our corporation, summarizing services provided and related fees, subject to State and Federal requirements for a Registered Investment Advisor. 

(Revised 12/2017)