At Ostrofe Financial Consultants, Inc., the development of a client’s written financial plan is based on six fundamental steps:

  1. Gathering of financially related data through a comprehensive questionnaire

  2. Evaluating and summarizing the current financial position

  3. Identifying problems and opportunities available in any financially related area

  4. Making recommendations which are realistic and timely

  5. Placing securities or insurance at the most reasonable cost

  6. Monitoring investments within the framework of a client's portfolio, on a daily basis, with a written Confidential Financial Analysis provided on a periodic basis (annual reviews required), by appointment

There are never charges/fees until candidate becomes a client. The average client has been with us 15+ years, and many 25 years or more!

Although we manage $187mm in client investments, no two clients have the same portfolio.  Most clients consider themselves moderate-conservative in their risk tolerance zones. We match portfolios to our clients' experience, knowledge, and stated risk limitations.  Safety of principal is our first focus.  We have a five part "sector-driven" investment strategy which will be glad to describe to you by phone when we have that opportunity.  Much of my background was in international corp management in Europe and South America which influences how we view the U.S. and diversify portfolios.  We refrain from futures, options, and margin accounts.  We pride ourselves in both the education of our clients, and being educated by our clients every single day!

As per our corporate filing with the S.E.C. as an independent Registered Advisor, in addition to our relationship to our national Broker-Dealer/LPL Financial, we are required by this filing to meet with our clients (phone or in person) at least once a year (or more frequently should clients wish), to track our clients' entire financial position (i.e. not just investments through OFC, inc), receive an annual copy of our clients' full Federal tax return, & review estate planning.  Through this inclusion, we are better positioned to provide more meaningful, and comprehensive advice.  This has not changed in 30 years as all clients are treated the same, while confidentiality is of utmost importance.

Clients are never pressured with sales pitches, nor put under undue time constraints to make decisions.  We only require that clients put the same effort into communicating with us, as we do for them. We really look forward to personally meeting you, and we invite your trust & confidence.

-Allen Ostrofe