Mission Statement

Ostrofe Financial's mission is to provide peace of mind & confidence by growing , protecting, & transferring our clients' legacy through customized financial solutions which reflect our clients' unique Lifestyle.

Investment Strategy

Our strategy can be based upon five legs: 1) U.S. stocks currently over-weighted in healthcare, utilities & energy, and technology sectors 2) Emerging markets (eg. South Korea, South Africa, Brazil, China, India), stocks, & bonds, 3) International real estate 4) Foreign currencies can be used to offset volatility in the U.S. dollar) 5) Commodities (take advantage of investor emotions/fear) such as gold, silver, & copper.  Portfolios can be very dynamic insofar as industry portfolio managers typically "turn over" their entire portfolio every 13 months. On portfolios we manage, we make tactical changes in our "managed asset programs" every quarter as we watch the investments on a daily basis. We avoid unnecessary buying/selling based on emotion.