• Notify you of potential opportunities in the market

  • Identify methods for minimizing your tax liability

  • Complete confidentiality

  • Provide you with timely investment updates
    within your portfolio

  • Provide you with educational symposiums

  • Professional and timely execution of all trades
    and orders

  • Return client communications promptly

  • Professional portfolio management

  • Schedule periodic reviews (required at least annually)

  • Provide fee-based planning, lower than the industry average


  • Contact us if you don’t understand your statement when you receive it

  • Contact us if you have any concerns about your investments

  • Contact us if you hear about any potential opportunities in the marketplace

  • Return phone calls and mailings from our office in a timely fashion

  • Inform us of any changes in your personal contact information, including employment, family or financial status

  • Provide statements and tax basis of all investments not through OFC, as well as latest federal tax return

  • Provide us with both positive and negative feedback as to how we can better serve you

  • When we meet your expectations, help us grow our business!